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Momentum Organization

MOMENTUM ORGANIZATION, a California non-profit corporation

momentum ORGANIZATION is a California 501(c)(3) corporation whose vision is to promote the success of the economically challenged, by addressing prevalent obstacles.

momentum ORGANIZATION provides resources and refers its clients to other local resources, meeting the needs of the statistical mix of Youth and Adults in the City of Long Beach. Economically, 52% of all groups in Long Beach fall within the “Low Income” category (defined as $45,000 annual income per household). Also, similar to many cities, Long Beach has problems with crime, and substance abuse is rampant, due in part, to the city's proximity to the Mexican border. More than 62% of all imprisoned offenders in Long Beach test positively for drugs, and more than 27% of all youth are drug users.

Methamphetamine is the most widely-used drug and the largest number of incarcerated individuals are meth offenders. Drug use takes a tremendous toll on the health and welfare of a community. Drug-related behavior, such as crime and violence, further impacts negatively on the growth of an individual and the progress of a city.

momentum ORGANIZATION is uniquely equipped with preventative and remedial programs to teach youth the consequences of substance abuse, and how to utilize life skills that have statistically resulted in well-rounded, successful individuals. momentum ORGANIZATION additionally offers adult goal-oriented programs and services:

  • Life skill and substance-abuse education for ALL middle and high school youth aged 13-18;
  • Youth, aged 13-18 who have been identified as “at risk” by the California Public School or Juvenile Justice Systems, as well as those designated “juvenile offenders” by the Court System.
  • Adults who have completed a 30-90 day drug or alcohol detoxification program.

For Youth, momentum ORGANIZATION has selected the renowned 15-week Botvin LifeSkills Training Program. The program can be taught as an educational in-class/after-school alternative, or to alter behavior of “at risk” youth and juvenile offenders. There is symptomatic "at risk" behavior which can be identified through administering and analyzing the results of an assessment taken by class members at the onset of training.

To address Adult addiction, momentum ORGANIZATION offers a follow-on program for Adults who have completed a basic 30-90 days of rehabilitation, including detox and in-patient or out-patient counseling. Following addiction treatment, a successful recovery should begin with an aftercare program. An aftercare program ensures the transition from rehabilitation to community is easier, and the recovering individual does not relapse. The program is most effective when specifically tailored to an individual's progress. It is critical there is a support system and realistic goal setting. As a result, the program benefits the individual by restoring a sense of confidence and self-esteem that may have eroded during the phase of drug or alcohol addiction. The objective of the Adult Program is to provide training tools and classes to maintain sobriety, connect with other sober individuals, find a job, assist with re-entry into daily living, as well as identify local resources that offer housing and counseling. Through its network of cooperating organizations and services, momentum ORGANIZATION provides specialized aftercare programs that include One-on-One Counseling, Group Counseling Sessions, 24-Hour Phone Hotline, Community Outreach, Job Service, and Sobriety Training Tools.